L.A’s Hidden Treasures

If you think you know all there is to know about Los Angeles, think again. The City of Angels holds many secrets and hidden treasures for the savvy traveler to discover — some even L.A. residents don’t know about. Read on to discover the city’s hidden treasures.

Prohibition tunnels

During Prohibition, not all residents of Los Angeles led a completely dry lifestyle. In fact, a series of underground service tunnels — 11 miles in total — were used by city officials thirsty for a drink, set up as makeshift speakeasies. (The basement of the still-operational King Eddy Saloon, at the time masquerading as a piano store, still connects with the tunnels.) And while the tunnels are officially closed to the public, an internet search might just reveal how you can check them out for yourself…

Underground Los Angeles Tunnels
Los Angeles Tunnels Courtesy of Alissa Walker

Rooftop tennis

Located right near the West Hollywood Library is a parking facility on North San Vicente Blvd. that’s home to a little-known rooftop tennis court. Leave your ID at the cashier’s office in exchange for a key card, then ride the elevator up to the top floor and check out the secluded West Hollywood Park Tennis Courts. And hey, if you have to wait to play, you’ll be afforded a breathtaking view of the city.

Hollywood Tennis Courts - Magellan Luxury Hotels
West Hollywood Park Tennis Courts -Photograph by Luke Gibson

Garden of Oz

You may not be able to click your heels three times to get there, but head up into the Hollywood Hills and you may just end up in Oz. An area resident, Gail Cottman, originally purchased the land in 1991, intent on setting up a flower garden. Over the years, she transformed the space into Munchkinland, paying homage to the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, which inspired her throughout her life. The result is an ornately decorated space that features mosaics, staircases, thrones and, of course, a yellow brick road.

Magellan Luxury Hotels - The Garden of Oz
The Garden of Oz
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