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Last Minute Gifts: Magellan Luxury Hotels E-Gift Cards

Magellan Luxury Hotels E-Gift Cards

With just a few days until Christmas, you may have a few more gifts to buy for people on your list. And isn’t the gift of luxury travel one of the finest presents you can offer? Continue reading Last Minute Gifts: Magellan Luxury Hotels E-Gift Cards

IfOnly: Remarkable Curated Experiences

San Francisco-based company IfOnly describes themselves as “a marketplace for incredible experiences.”

They pair clients with local and international experts in their field – as well as big-name celebrities – for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as Heli-skiing with Robert F. Kennedycycling with Patrick Dempsey or the ultimate adrenalin rush, a balloon expedition over Mount Everest. Continue reading IfOnly: Remarkable Curated Experiences

Borrowed Bling: Fine Jewelry for Rent

We rent cars, tools, technology, tuxedos and holiday houses. So why wouldn’t we rent luxe gowns and fine jewelry for those days we want to be our best and brightest? Continue reading Borrowed Bling: Fine Jewelry for Rent

Taking it off: The Best of Burlesque

So, I could tell you all about how the roots of burlesque derive from literary, dramatic or musical work that caricatures its serious counterparts. Or how the Minsky brothers brought burlesque to New York in 1908 then moved it to Las Vegas in the 50’s. I can spout figures on speakeasies, discuss laws governing public nudity and tell tales of past shenanigans. But we all know that a picture’s worth a thousand words, right? So how’s about a little less chatter and a few more videos instead? Continue reading Taking it off: The Best of Burlesque

Experience Las Vegas’ silver-screen moments

There have been so many iconic images associated with Las Vegas over the decades that it would be tough to pick just one to represent the city.

But in films throughout the years, Sin City has been eloquently captured by actors and filmmakers who have come to love both the place and its people.

Check out some of these hotels when traveling to Las Vegas, and experience the magic of Hollywood cinema, Sin City-style.

Ocean’s Eleven/Thirteen — The Bellagio
Remember the fountain scene in the 2001 film Ocean’s Eleven? That was filmed right outside the Bellagio. And many crucial sequences of the film Ocean’s Thirteen were shot in the Bellagio proper – specifically, in their executive offices. You’ll be looking over your shoulder in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Brad Pitt, Geroge Clooney or Matt Damon.

Bellagio - Magellan Luxury Hotels

The Hangover — Caesars Palace
There aren’t many spots in Las Vegas’ legendary Caesars Palace that didn’t make an appearance in the hilarious The Hangover, including the roof. And while you can’t rent the suite shown in the film (or visit the roof), here’s a tip — the suite occupied by Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifinakis and company was modeled after Caesars Palace’s Forum Tower Emperor Suite. (Rest assured: there won’t be a tiger in your bathroom if you book through Magellan Luxury Hotels).

Caesars Palace - Magellan Luxury Hotels

Last Vegas — Aria Resort & Casino
Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline make up the all-star cast of this film, set in Las Vegas and filmed primarily at the swanky Aria Resort & Casino. Morgan Freeman’s big win gets the foursome an upgrade to a Sky Villa, which can be up to 7,000 square feet and include multiple kitchens, formal dining rooms, glamorous staircases and more.

Aria Resort & Casino - Magellan Luxury Hotels

Want to stay at these fab hotels? Magellan Luxury Hotels can get you the best deal on four- and five-star hotels for your Sin City stay, and all featuring exclusive perks.

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