A Picture-Perfect Picnic in New York City

A picture-perfect picnic requires a minimum of two things: stellar food and a kick-ass location. Add in music, public art, renowned architecture, water features, the river, gardens and novelty and suddenly the simple picnic is elevated to a grand adventure. Here are three options – with two variations each – for getting out to eat al fresco, socialize and explore local neighborhoods Continue reading A Picture-Perfect Picnic in New York City

New York as the Center of the Canine Universe

So, you want to bring your beloved dog to New York City?

The good news is New York is finally catching up to cities like Paris as a center of the canine universe. It’s become easier to not only accommodate dogs, but to pinpoint the best parts of the city in which to stay based on that critical dog + human social staple: the dog run. 

Here’s a map of Magellan Luxury Hotels in New York overlaid with the city’s dog runs and dog-accessible parks. You can choose the hotel you love and know precisely what your furry beloved can expect in the way of walkies. Continue reading New York as the Center of the Canine Universe

Discovering Italy in Beverly Hills

Searching for la dolce vita? A fine slice of the sweet life can be found around Beverly Hills when you know where to look for it. A Venetian-inspired luxury hotel, iconic Italian automobiles for rent, stylish European bikes to ride and, of course, a plethora of Italian-inspired food, drink, art and shopping options will round out your stay. Buon viaggio! Continue reading Discovering Italy in Beverly Hills

A Thousand Words: SLS South Beach in Pictures

SLS South Beach can be summed up in three words: Sun. Scene. Service. 

You don’t come to the SLS to hang out in your room (although the rooms are incredibly stylish). You come to stay in one of the city’s iconic buildings (the tallest Art Deco building, in fact), to see and be seen with the young and the beautiful, to drink and eat extraordinarily well, and to live out your wildest South Beach dreams. 

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10 Alternatives to Mother’s Day Brunch in New York City

Been awhile since you and your mom have done something together beyond the obligatory brunch, flowers and chocolates thing? It might just be time to re-write that script. Here are 10 alternatives to Mother’s Day brunch in New York City.

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10 Restaurants With Arts and Smarts

Tired of eating in the chains? Checking Yelp? Chasing down the Michelins? 

Here are ten restaurants and cafés in some of the most interesting, creative and unexpected spaces and places from New York to London, D.C. to Miami. Venues range from high-end cafeteria to two Michelin star affairs, all drawing inspiration from their unique settings. Get ready to feed your body, mind and soul.

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What to Do on a Beautiful Day in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is booming and it’s nearly impossible to narrow down a “To Do” list to just five ideas. But it’s okay to leave a few things for your next visit to the city, right?

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A Night at WestHouse Hotel New York

We humans are creatures of habit and it’s easy to slide into the predictability of booking the same hotel every time we travel to New York.

But the more you get to know the city, the more you realize that just a few blocks one way or the other can make a difference in what you experience. Views and amenities change, food, drink, and entertainment options vary, and public art – in all its forms – is unique to city spaces throughout the city. It’s worth getting to know more of the New York properties we offer at Magellan Luxury Hotels.

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A London Gin Journey

Everything in moderation, including moderation. ~ Oscar Wilde

Gin is enjoying a resurgence – its moment in the sun – but this spirit is hardly new. Genever, the original form of gin, appeared in writings as early as the 13th century, with its roots attributed to the Dutch. It is thought to have gained popularity in Britain when William of Orange, leader of the Dutch Republic, occupied the thrones of Great Britain.

After a particularly big night out, it may ease your conscience to know that gin was once sold in pharmacies as medicine and used in the treatment of kidney and stomach ailments, gallstones and gout, lending credence to the act of taking a nip of the “hair of the dog that bit you” for relief of hangovers.

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A Night at The Wellesley London

“Anticipate every need. Exceed every expectation.”

In a major metropolitan center like London, connections to others make an enormous difference in the quality of any stay. At an intimate 36 rooms and suites, The Wellesley welcomes and – just as importantly – welcomes back clients by name and personal preferences. Attentive staff are the difference between great and outstanding service, whether traveling for business or pleasure.

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